With endless costs; new uniforms, new shoes, schoolbooks etc, the last thing you want to think about for the back to school season is packing lunches. However, you must remember that the most common chronic childhood disease is tooth decay and, hundreds of school hours are lost yearly due to dental-related illnesses. That’s why it is absolutely vital that we carefully consider what we’re feeding our kids when the lunchtime bell rings.

A balanced diet is a critical element of good dental health, so think about your child’s teeth when packing their lunch box. Here are some healthy foods to consider:

  • Sandwiches made with whole grain bread and packed with protein-rich foods like chicken or turkey to help teeth build enamel.
  • Vegetables like celery and carrots can act like a toothbrush by massaging gums and helping to eliminate bad bacteria.
  • Apples help stimulate the saliva production, which, in turn, lowers bacteria levels and helps reduce tooth decay.
  • Bananas are packed with vitamins, minerals and potassium – all beneficial for a healthy mouth.
  • Oranges help control acidity levels in your mouth.
  • Strawberries act as a natural tooth whitener. They are also packed with vitamin C, making them a great treat for your smile.
  • Foods that are calcium-rich like low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese strings help to keep teeth and the jaw bone strong and protected against tooth decay.
  • Hard-boiled eggs and tuna fish aid in the absorption of calcium and protein.

healthy food options for back to school

Brushing after a meal is recommended but naturally, isn’t always possible at school. Instead of brushing, have your child rinse their mouth with water for a minute after eating to help loosen any food that could be stuck in their teeth.

We wish all of our patients a school year full of knowledge (and lots of smiles)!

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