What our patients say: 

I chose DentalHouse based on a friend’s experience here. Overall experience was good- very friendly staff, easy to schedule/reschedule appointments, good communications and expectation setting all throughout treatment.
Happy with the result, was quite surprised how quickly there was visible progress. Would definitely recommend to others based on the above.
Tobi, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, November 2018
To start I’d have to say a 5 star treatment, having previously began my treatment with another orthodontist and cancelling early due to unprofessional issues it was great to receive a breath of fresh air from my first consultation with Dr Ronan Perry. He went through my treatment from pre to post and I felt happy knowing the predicted outcomes. Having finished my short treatment of 1 year and approx 9 months the results are amazing. I have never felt more confident in my smile, my teeth are absolutely perfect and my smile is framed so well. The treatment improved the structure of my face and the symmetry makes all the difference. Anne Marie Bergin also carried out my treatment very professionally, having said that I would recommend dental house and their lovely staff who I’ve gotten to know over my time here, to friends and family. Thanks for everything I look forward to coming back for everything as all your dentistry is under one roof.
Rachael, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, October 2018
My overall experience with DentalHouse was excellent, everyone was very welcoming from day one. AnnMarie and Ronan are exceptional dentists that I cannot recommend highly enough. My end result is terrific; DentalHouse have achieved everything that I had asked for in my initial consultation. I would recommend DentalHouse if you are considering Invisalign!
Tom, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, October 2018
I chose Dentalhouse because I was researching a good dentist in Dublin and the reviews alone looked really good. My overall experience was excellent. I needed to get my braces off as quickly as possible and Dentalhouse couldn’t have accommodated me anymore (weekly appointments). I’m very happy with the results of my braces and I have already recommended Dentalhouse to others and I will continue to in future. Thanks to everyone for your help over the past six months.
Katie, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, August 2018
I would describe the quality of treatment I received very high standard and I was very impressed. I would say my overall experience was good and I found the staff members very friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend the clinic to friends and family because I think that they would be very satisfied with the treatment they would get.
Mikey, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, July 2018
Family members have gone here and had amazing experiences. I was told between 1-2 and a half years which was correct. I was in every 4-6 weeks, really good staff, always really nice.
Christina, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, May 2018
The initial consultation was great and gave a good idea what to expect. Throughout the whole process, everyone was extremely friendly and professional and very accommodating. If there were any problems along the way there was no fuss getting appointments as soon as possible and all sorted. The end result was fantastic, and I am extremely happy with how my teeth look.
Philip, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, May 2018
I chose Dentalhouse because of location, had no knowledge of the practice beforehand. It has been a very positive experience. Rory has explained everything from our first appointment. He has made every step easy to understand in simple and lay mans’ language. Very happy with results so far and would recommend this dental practice.
Mary, treated by Dr Rory O'Reilly, April 2018
I chose DentalHouse due to its central location, the very professional and transparent assessment done and the fact that Dr Ronan is part of the Orthodontic Society as a long standing active member. It’s been more than a year and I’ve been well cared for even able to get same day appointments when needed. I’m very happy with the end result and also with the timeline which is what I was told to expect. I feel all staff really cares about answering my questions and helped calm my nerves as one of the more nervous dentist patients! I’d definitely recommend the practice and team!
Sindy, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, April 2018
I’ve only found Dental House by chance when another dentist referred me here to have an implant done. But I couldn’t be happier with the treatment and how every step of the process has been handles. From Dr Wilson to Dr Ronan to the guys in reception, everyone has always been very kind and professional. I even brought my little six year old to the family dentist and the whole experience couldn’t have been any better. I’d recommend any professional that works in this clinic. I’ll certainly be back for any future treatments.
Maria, Treated by Dr Wilson Grigolli & Dr Ronan Perry, April 2018
My overall experience was great! The staff were always very helpful, accommodating and flexible. Dr Perry and Dr Natalia were very informative and reassuring. Yes, I would recommend- great experience and location.
Nicole, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, April 2018
I would like to thank you and your team for so kindly looking after me with the extraction of my 2 wisdom teeth on 22nd February.  I was super relieved to wake up the following morning to find no bruising and minimal swelling.  You were obviously so gentle in carrying out this procedure – I don’t know why I was worrying in the first place!

I will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to any of my family and friends.

Kindest Regards & Thanks Again,

Roisin, treated by Dr Rahman Mar 2018
My two daughters are attending with Dr Perry for orthodontic treatment. I myself had undergone Invisalign treatment with another practice but was unhappy with the end result. After a consultation with Ronan and Natalia, I decided to re-start my Invisalign with him.
Four months later, I am finished with my treatment and my teeth are amazing. Natalia and the team are amazing. Apart from being very professional, they are lovely friendly people.
My teeth are nicer than I could have ever imagined! I would recommend him and the team to anyone.
Thank you guys,
Elaine, treated by Dr Ronan Perry Feb 2018
I had a great experience with Invisalign at DentalHouse! Everyone was friendly, knowledgable and professional. And my treatment went quicker than expected! I love my new smile for Christmas!!

Hannah, treated by Dr Ronan Perry, November 2017
I was referred to Wilson following an appointment with my dentist in Maynooth. They noticed an infection and felt that this needed a specialist and suggested Wilson. I was offered a free consultation in Maynooth where i met Wilson for the first time. He was very professional and explained everything to me about the issue , the approach and provided detail of the overall cost with a breakdown of the cost of each phase. I had to get an extraction, bone graft , implant and then a crown. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to actually start the procedure for 10 months after the original consultation and they honoured the original quotation which was very good of them. Once I started I was very impressed with the facilities , their location, the modern equipment and most of all the professionalism and customer focus of the staff from the receptionist to the dental nurses (Karolina took great care of me ) and then Wilson ( for the extraction and implant ) and more recently Claudio ( for the crown). The after care service was top class and the team ensured that everything was going to plan with regular check ups.
Based on my experience to date I went and got my teeth cleaned in Dental House and it was the best clean I’ve ever had in a dentist. I also recommended the team to a work colleague and she has had the same top class experience.
Going to the dentist is never a fun experience but I have to say they have done all they could to make it as painless and pleasant as possible.
I would recommend the team to anyone who required any dental work done.
Ken, treated by Dr Wilson Grigolli & Dr Claudio Catran, October 2017
I chose DentalHouse because I had seen evidence of their work on friends/tv personalities. I was very impressed on my initial meeting by the care and professionalism demonstrated by all the staff. My treatment, from beginning to end has remained the same. A high level of skill, care, competency and honesty has been demonstrated. I felt completely calm and I had huge faith in the treatment at all stages. My end result has been exactly what I need and more. My faith in dentists has been restored and DentalHouse gave me a reason to smile and a million dollar grin. I would recommend them with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Thank you!
Mary, treated by Dr Wilson Grigolli & Dr Claudio Catran, September 2017
My experience at DentalHouse was great as everyone is here for your best interest. I had my three wisdom teeth removed and my tongue untied. The first week or so my tongue was a little uncomfortable but after that, it was fine.
My speech has gotten better ever since. I would highly recommend my friends and family to visit DentalHouse.
Leon, treated by Dr Naomi Rahman, September 2017
I had four wisdom teeth removed by Dr Naomi Rahman on Monday and was so nervous. I have to say I have no idea what I was so worried about, she was so nice and so understanding and made me feel at ease. After the surgery, I had virtually no pain (a tiny bit on one side) and no swelling or bruising. If you need work done and are nervous at all I would strongly suggest going to Naomi. It has definitely made my fear of the dentist disappear. 5 stars.
Katie, treated by Dr Naomi Rahman, September 2017
I chose Dental House for my treatment because I wanted lingual braces and Dr Perry is one of the best orthodontists in Dublin for this type of treatment.
I found my initial consultation to be very good and the treatment was very high quality. I’m very happy with the treatment and the end result.

Evgeniya, treated by Dr Ronan Perry June 2017
I chose Dr Ronan Perry because a family member mentioned his work with braces and was very impressed. I found the whole procedure amazing and was and am delighted with every step of the way. I thought the whole experience was pleasant and very successful. Overall my experience with Dr Ronan Perry and his team was amazing. They were kind and gentle and helped through every step. As a teenager, I was very conscious of my smile and to be able to smile and know my teeth are straight and white leaves me with great confidence. I thank Dr Ronan Perry and his team for everything you’ve done to help me smile again.
Rebekah treated by Dr Ronan Perry May 2017
I had a big problem at the front of my mouth as there were 3 teeth in the place where the two front teeth should have been. This made me very very self-conscience and I didn’t like to smile or laugh so it wasn’t good for my self-esteem and personal happiness. When Dr Perry told me that it would take 2 years and that I would have a nice smile at the end of that time I was shocked. I assumed I wouldn’t ever have a nice smile and was only looking for an improvement on my current situation. I also needed a lot of other work and because the team were both kind and extremely good at their job, it was very soon any fears I had left about going to the dentist were gone. I’m now finished my treatment and Dr Perry was right, I do have a smile I am very happy about. I would and already have recommended friends to Dr Perry and I am 100% positive they too will be very impressed with the results and the staff.

Aidan, treated by Dr Ronan Perry February 2017
We had heard great feedback from other people about Dr Perry and his team. The initial consultation was great and the quality of treatment was excellent. Everyone that dealt with me was very pleasant and polite. I felt overwhelmed and so happy with the end result and yes I would be very happy to recommend them to my family and friends.
I am delighted with the end result, in just six months (in my case) I now have a “Hollywood” smile. : )
Claudia, treated by Dr Ronan Perry December 2016
A friend of a friend recommended Dr Perry and his team. I was dreading it at first but glad I made it. I found the treatment was of a high standard and quality without sounding bias! It was a very comfortable experience, I felt very welcome at all times and all the staff were lovely.
It was a fantastic end result and I’m thoroughly delighted about it so yeah I would recommend it to anyone I know!
Ciaran, treated by Dr Perry and his team,December 2016
Initially on a recommendation, but knowledge of the extensive experience of the dentists made me decide to go ahead with the treatment. The initial consultation gave me a comprehensive overview of the treatment and I was offered several options. The staff was warm and welcoming. I felt they genuinely cared about my welfare. At each visit I was made to feel welcome and that they were pleased to see e. I always feel like I’m in good hands here and that I will receive the best professional treatment available. I have already recommended Dental House to family & friends. Although I only have a temporary crown, the match with the others is excellent. Friends commented on how good the match is 🙂
Vivienne, treated by Dr Wilson Grigolli 10th August 2016
Dr Ronan Perry came highly recommended from my local dentist and, after my first consultation with him I knew I had made the right choice. The outcome of my treatment has far exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. I would like to commend Dr Perry and his team on their amazing work and I most definitely recommend them to anybody considering orthodontic treatment.
Mary, Dublin treated by Dr Ronan Perry, 2nd August 2016
My Teeth Cleaning appointment at the Dental House went astoundingly well. I was pleased with the result of the Teeth Cleaning Procedure, I felt it was done to perfection. The price of the whole procedure was also not too bad.
My recommendation goes without saying and is completely unconditional. They gave me a really great teeth cleaning appointment, at an affordable price, I had no trouble finding the clinic and the staff were great so I am happy.
Emma, treated by Dr Rory O'Reilly, August 2017
I choose Dental House for my treatment because lingual braces were available here.
I found my initial consultation very satisfactory. Dr Perry came across as very friendly and competent. The quality of treatment I received was very good and the staff were lovely and very friendly. So far the results have been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend.
Alessandra, treated by Dr Ronan Perry July 2017
Overall my experience with Dr Perry and his team was very positive. The treatment I received was of a high standard and I would definitely recommend this clinic to other people. Over the course of two years I have never had any problems and all the staff members I was in contact with were a delight to talk to. My teeth are exactly how I wanted them to be and I couldn’t be any happier.
Karen, treated by Dr Ronan Perry December 2016
I chose Dr Perry and his team for my treatment based on the excellent reviews found on-line.
The initial consultation was comprehensive and all the information needed was provided. Throughout my treatment all the clinic staff were very professional.
I am delighted with the end result, in just six months (in my case) I now have a “Hollywood” smile. : )
Melissa, treated by Dr Ronan Perry December 2016
I choose Dr Perry and his were highly recommended by my dentist. I found the consultation great and the staff were unbelievably helpful, friendly and always giving me the best option. I was really pleased on how well my teeth looked after treatment and would recommend them to anyone looking for treatment for their teeth.
Anthony, treated by Dr Perry and his team, October 2016
I chose Dental House because it was recommended to me by my friend. The treatment was done very carefully and most of the time, painless. The staff members are very polite. I was never nervous letting them work on my teeth. I am very pleased with the end result of my teeth as they were badly damaged and now look perfect again.
Michael, Dublin treated by Dr Ronan Perry, 2nd August 2016
I chose Dr Perry for my treatment because my mam decided to take me here, as she had heard great reviews and recommendations about Dr Perry. I found the initial consultation to be pleasant as everyone seemed to know what they were doing. The quality of the treatment I received was very high and well organised. My overall experience was very pleasant. I am ecstatic over my end result and I would recommend Dr Perry.
Hannah, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014
I was given advice on how to take care of my braces, and I’m very happy with my end result. Everything went smoothly from the beginning to the end. The staff were very friendly and most helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr Perry to my friends and family. My son’s teeth are now straight and beautiful. He is so happy, and that is priceless.
Adam, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014
I chose Dr Ronan Perry as he was highly recommended. The initial consultation was very clear and he gave me good advice.The treatment I received was excellent and very professional. Overall the staff have been brilliant, everyone is very welcoming and professional and made me feel very comfortable.The end result was perfect, just as Ronan promised. I’m absolutely delighted and would highly recommend him to family and friends.
Molly, treated by Dr Ronan Perry Feb 2014

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