Emergency Dental Services

Have you had a dental accident or do you require our emergency dental services to deal with:

-Bleeding / Haemorrhage

-Serious infection

-Visible swelling in or around the mouth

-Severe pain

-Injuries as a result of a recent trauma / accident.

Emergency dental services

List of common dental emergencies and what must be done when one occurs:

Broken teeth can be repaired in a variety of ways, depending on how much tooth structure is involved and whether or not the tooth’s nerve has been damaged. Procedures for chipped or cracked teeth include bonding, dental crowns, and/or root canal treatment. Extractions are only carried out in extreme cases where restoration is not possible.

Loosened teeth can often be stabilized by splinting, provided that you see your dentist within 6 hours of the accident. Root canal treatment may also be needed.

Persistent tooth pain is usually a sign of infection. Treatment ranges from a simple filling to a root canal. A simple course of antibiotics (which your dentist may prescribe) is also an option.

A knocked-out permanent tooth requires urgent care. Unless it is re-implanted within minutes, this tooth will not remain viable.  Knocked-out baby teeth are generally not re-implanted, but a child who loses a tooth in an accident should see a dentist by the next day within 24hours, provided that there is no obvious damage that requires immediate attention.

These basic tips can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

emergency dental services

Dental House provides emergency dental services in Dublin City Centre.

We know that a dental emergency can happen outside of “normal” business hours.  That’s why we now offer late evening and early morning appointments (8am-7pm Monday-Friday).

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