It takes twelve muscles to smile and 113 muscles to frown.

When you have a bright healthy smile it is natural that you want to share it. You smile at strangers on the street and it is infectious.  You feel wonderful.  When you smile at someone, you are telling them that they are pleasant, likeable, safe and secure in your estimations. A single smile is so powerful that it can often transform a person with low self-esteem, into a person with a positive attitude.

People who have discolouration, decay, crooked/misaligned teeth tend to avoid smiling. Others may have gum disease and constant halitosis (bad breath), and it can certainly be damaging to their self-esteem when they notice that people tend to look away when they speak to them.

It can lead to them backing away from others instead of learning to be friendly and sociable. Smiling in a social situation tells people that you are open and friendly. It makes you approachable and memorable.

A healthy smile can help boost self-confidence and improve your social interactions.

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The psychological benefits of a healthy smile

If you’re worried about hiding your teeth, rather than showing off a bright healthy smile, you could be missing out on some physical and psychological benefits.

Smiling has been proven to:

  • Help improve your mood – this is a physiological response to moving the muscles involved with smiling. When you smile, it tells your brain that it is time to release endorphins (happy hormones) and start feeling good.
  • Make you look younger – People tend to judge a smiling face to be younger than he or she actually is. Neutral expressions seem to look their age, while those with frowns look older.
  • Improve relationships – A simple smile can help to reduce conflict. It can make others feel more comfortable and open to conversation and compromise.
  • Make you more approachable looking – If you’re smiling, more people will want to talk to you as you have a warm, welcoming expression on your face.

The shape, alignment and colour of teeth and health of the gums can all be altered to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Don’t let bad teeth and gums ruin your confidence!

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