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What follows is a brief run-down of what Invisalign Dublin city centre actually involves and how these invisible brace solutions can give you your perfect smile.

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What exactly is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a software company and a manufacturing company. The company is headquartered mainly out of Santa Clara but they have their software team out of Costa Rica. They provide us (your orthodontic team) with a very sophisticated software program that allows us to move teeth into ideal alignment. They do this under the guidance of their software program in conjunction with a technician that is based out of Costa Rica. We will go ahead and take either impressions of the patient’s teeth or create a digital scan of the teeth. Invisalign then creates a digital image that is imported into their proprietary software. This image is then made available to us to begin the process of “ building” a new smile and bite for the patient. Your orthodontist is the professional who is in charge of the whole treatment plan for the patient. Once we have set up the case they approve the final image , Invisalign then manufactures the aligners. The aligners are made to our specifications. There will be multiple sets of aligners that the patient will change into every 2 weeks and those aligners will be all manufactured at one time by Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Less pain.

  • Virtually invisible.

  • Less appointments.

  • A quicker treatment time.

  • You can take them out to eat whenever you want and brush and floss just like you normally would.

  • No restrictions on diet

  • Advantages for sports; it protects your teeth from injury.

invisalign benefits

How long does treatment take?

Treatment is prescribed very specifically using the Invisalign software. That software, called the clincheck, allows us to set up the treatment in advance and it is done kind of in a video format. Each movement is staged and basically the patient can finish treatment anywhere from three to six months quicker because of the unique proprietary software that Invisalign provides uis. The fact is that there are less appointments and less emergency visits and really more targeted treatment for the patient.

How many aligners will you have during treatment?

This depends on the treatment time and it can vary. If it is a very simple case, it can be ten aligners and if it is much more complicated, it can be up to fifty aligners. A lot of that is determined by the complexity of the treatment and the doctor that is treating you.

What happens when I have completed my treatment?

Once you have completed your treatment, you would move into retention. All patients, whether they have Invisalign or braces, will have to wear retainers. We recommend lifetime retention, generally at night. For the first few months, you may have to wear your retainer full time. It is always up to your orthodontist to decide on your retention protocol. What is really great about Invisalign is that you have been wearing something removable for a while so you have gotten used to taking something in and taking something out and having the responsibility and commitment of something removable for your teeth. When you move into the retainer phase, moving from full time to part time is very doable because you don’t have to worry about full time wear anymore.

Unfortunately, teeth do move throughout our lifetime no matter what age you are. Just because you are sixteen and have gorgeous teeth right now, it doesn’t mean they will stay that way without retainers. If you are sixty-five years old and your teeth are absolutely straight and your bite is totally corrected, you do have to be committed to lifetime retainer wear at night in order to keep that investment in your gorgeous smile in place. Your retainers are your insurance policy.

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