We often get asked about Invisalign and its’ benefits compared to other methods of orthodontics.

Truthfully, no one treatment type is better than the other.  It all depends on the patient and their particular case and their treatment requirements.

In this case, we will briefly discuss Invisalign treatment and why it might be more suitable for you:Benefits of Invisalign

-Occasionally, wearing traditional metal braces can cause some insecurity. Invisalign as a solution, can often remove the source of anxiety letting people be themselves and feel confident (as your aligners are removable).

-Underbite, overbite, overcrowding and gaps between teeth are all things that can be addressed when using Invisalign. You will be fitted for several versions of retainers that make slight adjustments to move your teeth over the treatment time. They are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth

-When wearing traditional metal braces, there are many things you should not and cannot eat. There is no popcorn, no apples, no raw carrots and, especially no candy. Invisalign removes these restrictions because of their removability.

-Less clinic visits are required. After your first visit you drop into the clinic once every 6 weeks and get a new pair of aligners.

-The aligners being removable make brushing and flossing easy. This helps maintain proper oral hygiene.

-If you have ever had a sore face from grinding understand what I mean. Facial muscles get sore when you grind in your sleep and the only solution is a mouth guard. Wearing Invisalign while working it is magic can also help you stop grinding as there is a protective layer between your teeth.

-Orthodontics was invented to help improve health. It is not just about a pretty smile. A good bite can stop the jaw clicking, pain in joints around the mouth, and will improve chewing.

If you have questions about Invisalign, we’d love to answer all your questions. Book your consultation here and take the first step to achieving your perfect smile.