Good dental habits begin early in life and can keep teeth strong and healthy and provide a good start for adult teeth. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your child has the best foundation for a healthy, happy smile:

  • It’s not the amount of sugar in food or drink that causes damage to childrens’ teeth, it’s the number of times they have sugar. Keep sugary foods and drinks to meal-times only and try to avoid snacks containing sugar between meals. Healthy snack options include fresh fruit, vegetables, plain yoghurts, cheese and bread.
  • Milk and water are the most tooth-friendly drinks. Try to keep all fruit juices and squashes to meal- times only.
  • Other kinds of sugar harmful to teeth include glucose, maltose and sucrose, so always remember to check the label on foods and drinks.
  • Remember- ‘Low sugar’ or ‘no added sugar’ labels do not always mean that the food or drink is sugar-free.
  • Don’t let your child sleep with a bottle or soother in his or her mouth.
  • Never ever dip your child’s soother in sugar, honey or anything sweet before giving it to them.
  • Do not forget to brush the teeth after the last feed of the day.

Schedule a dental exam for your child today and make sure they have the best foundation for a healthy, happy smile all through their life.

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