Metal free dental implants- A naturally beautiful smile: PURE and simple.

If you have a gap in your teeth, at Dental House, we can offer a solution that is the closest alternative to your natural smile; metal free dental implants (ceramic).

The Straumann PURE ceramic dental implant is a biocompatible alternative to an unsightly gap and can restore your smile to its full brilliance.

metal free dental implants

What are metal free dental implants?

Metal free dental implants look exactly like natural healthy teeth. When we talk about healthy teeth, it is not only function that matters. They are also an essential part of your physical appearance – therefore you expect an optimal aesthetic and natural outcome for your dental restorations.


Why should I choose this dental implant system?

At Dental House, we use the Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant system which is made of high-strength ceramic and designed to achieve the highest functional and aesthetic demands. It has the colour of a natural tooth and will not shimmer through, even in cases of thin or recessed gum.


  • Has a tooth-like colour for highly aesthetic restorations.
  • Offers a metal-free alternative with excellent biocompatibility.
  • Is mechanically tested before insertion and backed by scientific evidence.

Metal free Dental Implants expert

Dr Wilson Grigolli, Specialist Implantologist

Our highly skilled dental implant team will reassure you if you are a nervous patient. Our specialist Implantologist Dr Wilson Grigolli has over 25 years of experience and has placed over 26,000 implants so you know you are in good hands.

Your implant consultation is carried out at your pace with constant explanation and reassurance and is an opportunity for Dr Grigolli to inspect your current dentition, take some x-rays and advise you appropriately. We employ “stop signals” therefore ensuring you are in control at all times.


Are you interested in experiencing this metal free dental implant system?*

Why not come and see us for a €50 consultation?

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*Not every patient will be suitable for a ceramic implant and will be assessed during the consultation phase.