Before you take your dental health into your own hands based on the promises and ease of any DIY treatments, it’s critical to talk to the expert – your registered general treatments

The benefits of a clinic visit:

People may seek DIY services for dental treatments like teeth straightening because they feel they can’t fit clinic visits into their schedule or think that it will cost less than in-person treatment. Products such as at-home aligners are also called direct-to-consumer, or DTC, products. However, working with a dentist can actually offer more options for your unique case as her or she can assess what’s actually happening in your mouth and provide you with  alternative treatment plans and options that address any budgetary concerns you might have.Visiting a dentist can also catch issues beforehand and ensure treatment doesn’t cause more problems than it cures. A dental clinic is a safe place where a trained professional is ensuring you’re not only getting safe care but also care that will actually treat the root of your problem. They want to make sure (for example) that if you utilize aligners to straighten your teeth, that the teeth you’re straightening are healthy and sound.

Talk to your dentist. We’re always here for you and open to discussing new trends that you may have seen in the news or on social media. Let us know what you are thinking so we can think it through with you and help you make a healthy and safe decision for your smile.

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