dental healthMake Time for a Checkup- If you can, schedule your next regular visit before your holidays. Have a thorough exam so that your dentist can spot any problems before they happen. You’ll have peace of mind, and your dentist will have the most up-to-date information on your teeth, including x-rays.

In case of an overseas emergency– If you are out of the country and absolutely in need of a dentist, get in touch with the local consulate or embassy. While talking to the concierge at your hotel is okay, ask the consulate and their employees for a recommendation. It’s an independent recommendation and not someone who may be driving business because of a contract.

Forget Your Toothbrush?- If you find yourself temporarily without a toothbrush, rinse vigorously with water to wash away some of that cavity-causing bacteria. You could also put some toothpaste on a clean washcloth or your clean finger in a pinch.

Proper Toothbrush Transport– Letting your toothbrush air dry is how you keep your toothbrush clean at home, but that’s not always possible on holidays. Keeping your toothbrush clean and out of contact with other things is more important that making sure it’s dry on holidays. A resealable plastic bag keeps your toothbrush separate from everything else in your luggage. When you get to your destination, pop it open and let your brush air dry.

Pack some sugar-free chewing gum- Chewing sugarless gum can help relieve ear pressure during a flight – and help keep cavities at bay. Research shows that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after a meal can help prevent cavities. That’s because it gets saliva flowing, which helps wash away cavity-causing bacteria.

When In Doubt, Brush with Bottled Water- If you are in a country where the water supply is compromised – or you’re on a wilderness adventure but aren’t sure how clean the stream is – always use bottled water to brush. When finished, rinse your brush well with bottled water to reduce the risk of getting sick.

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