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Sugar is a common cause of tooth decay.  If any of you have seen the RTÉ documentary “Sugar Crash” then it is highly likely, that you are now questioning the amount of sugar you yourself consume on a daily basis.


As dentists, we can tell you that it’s not just your waistline that suffers when too much sugar is taken in.  It can also have detrimental effects on your oral health.

In fact, frequent consumption of sugar-containing foods and drinks is the most prominent cause of tooth decay.

Below is selection of fizzy drinks and fruit juices, their sugar content in grams and, its equivalent in cubes of sugar (courtesy of “Safe Food”).

Drink Sugar per 200ml serving Equivalent in Cubes of Sugar
Lucozade 34.4g 7
Club Orange 26g 5
Fanta Orange 24.8g 5
7UP 22.4g 4
Coca Cola 21.2g 4
Pepsi 21.2g 4
Sprite 13.2g 4
JUICE PRESS Raspberry & Blueberry Smoothie 30.4g 6
NAKED Mango Juice Smoothie 23.8g 5
RIBENA Blackcurrant 21g 4

 Remember: The average person should consume no more than 90g sugars per day.

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