What steps are involved in obtaining dental implants?

There are three steps involved in dental implant treatment:

  1. First the implant screw is placed surgically along with any bone graft required.
  2. After a suitable healing time, that varies between each person, a simple second stage procedure is complete to expose the buried implant.
  3. Finally, the artificial tooth is made and screwed or cemented to the implant.how do dental implants work

How long do dental implants last?

If they are cared for properly, the implant screw in your bone will last for a very long time, perhaps your entire life. The teeth screwed to the implants are subject to normal wear and tear and will need periodic maintenance.

 Do dental implants look and feel like teeth?

Good implants do, poorly placed implants do not. The skill of the surgeon and prosthodontist enable results that are just like teeth. You may have seen people with implants that do not look good and are worried this will happen to you. With careful planning and use of bone and gum grafting we can avoid or minimise most of these problems.

Why would I need a bone graft?

An implant works best, long term if it is encased completely in bone. If you have bone loss due to infection, fractured roots or long periods without a tooth in a site, you will probably require some bone grafting. This is so we can place the implant in the ideal position, totally covered in bone. This precision allows us to create more realistic results and avoid the appearance of “long” looking teeth.

How long does the procedure take?

Each person is different. At the very least, the whole process will take about 3 months. Naturally, these three months will not be all spent in the dental chair. After the implant itself has been placed and has fused to the bone, it must be left to heal for a period before the crown is fitted.

If grafting is done, sinus lifts or in softer bone they may take longer periods to heal.

Why should I replace missing back teeth?

Without back teeth your front teeth often start to chip and wear. Also, teeth will drift into spaces. You will never have more bone for dental implants than you do today.

Will I be without teeth during the dental Implant healing time?

If you need temporary teeth, they are provided. For some back teeth, missing for a long time, you may not need temporary replacements. You will never walk out without teeth at any stage if that is your wish.

What is the recovery period?

This depends on the type of implant, grafting, the size of the graft and your own particular healing! A full assessment of this can be made at your consultation. All patients receive a prescription and comprehensive written post-operative instructions following a surgical procedure.

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