Movember at Dental House

We are making a donation on behalf of every patient we see in November. Let’s get growing!

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Take the Dental House Tour

All your dental needs under one roof!

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Dr Ronan Perry: Invisalign Platinum Provider

DentalHouse's specialist orthodontist Dr Ronan Perry was recently presented with an Invisalign Platinum Provider Award.

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Have you seen us in Confetti Magazine?

Book a complimentary consultation with us today and unveil your perfect smile.  We care about your day.  

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Dr Wilson Grigolli guest speaker at IDA Metro Branch Meeting

To book a consult with Dr Grigolli, click here.

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Tooth Loss- what are the unseen effects?

So what exactly are the effects of tooth loss? The most obvious effect of missing teeth is aesthetic. The way you look affects the way you feel, and the psychological and social consequences of tooth loss can also be profound. However, it's not just about unsightly gaps; there's something less apparent going on in the [...]

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Invisalign Dublin City Centre- Invisible braces, visible results

Invisalign Dublin City Centre Are you looking for information on Invisalign Dublin city centre? Then look no further. What follows is a brief run-down of what Invisalign Dublin city centre actually involves and how these invisible brace solutions can give you your perfect smile. What exactly is Invisalign? Invisalign is a software company and a [...]

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Mesotherapy- get your glow back at Rejen

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas on the face and body. Dr Jennifer Owens of Rejen @ Dental House is now providing this treatment. Mesotherapy is used to treat the following skin conditions: • Dullness • Loss of glow • Loss of elasticity • Loss of volume • Superficial [...]

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Zygoma dental implants- an alternative for those with significant bone loss

Zygoma dental implants- an alternative for those of you who have been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants due to lack of bone in your upper jaw. Then you may benefit from the zygoma implant developed by Professor Per Ingvar Brånemark. which provides an excellent alternative to bone grafting procedures for the severely [...]

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Metal-free dental implants at Dental House

Looking for metal-free dental implants? If you have a gap in your teeth, at Dental House, we can offer a solution that is the closest alternative to your natural smile; ceramic dental implants. The Straumann PURE ceramic dental implant is a biocompatible alternative to an unsightly gap and can restore your smile to its full [...]

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