dental hygienist specialist annmarie bergin

Dental Hygienist/Orthodontic Therapist

AnnMarie Bergin graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a diploma in Dental Hygiene. She later graduated from NUI Galway with honours with a specialist certificate in oral health promotion and then, returned to Trinity College to study orthodontic therapy.

AnnMarie is registered with the Dental council, and is a member of the Irish dental hygiene association. She is editor of the associations scientific journal.  She is also a member of the British Society of Dental Hyiene and Therapy, the oral health promotion and research group and Irish disability & oral health society.

AnnMarie has worked in private and specialist practice for over ten years, is passionate about her work with a particular eye for detail.

Currently, she is back in Trinity, completing a degree in general dentistry.

 AnnMarie enjoys music and in her spare time often records backing vocals on tracks for a local recording studio.