Lingual braces are a method of orthodontic treatment where the brackets, wires and elastic bands used to realign your teeth are all mounted behind them (tongue side). Due to this reverse positioning, they’re sometimes called “inside” braces.lingual braces

In comparison, the kind of braces you’re probably most familiar with can be thought of as “outside” appliances, in the sense that all of their hardware is mounted on the side of the patient’s teeth that is visible.

Even though the location of the appliances used is reversed, lingual braces and its technique share many similarities with conventional ones in terms of the type of hardware and orthodontic principles involved.

One primary advantage of having lingual treatment lies in the fact that your braces are generally invisible to others. If someone looks into your mouth, they might catch a glimpse of your appliances (especially if you’re wearing them on your lower teeth). Generally though, they are not easily detected.

The best (and really only) way to find out if lingual braces can be used to treat your particular case is to have a consultation appointment with our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Ronan Perry.

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