When is the last time you booked in for a scale and polish?

Everyone’s teeth are not perfectly formed and shaped as they should be.  For this reason, it is not always possible to clean them thoroughly because you will not be able to reach every nook and cranny.  Generally, there is always that one spot that you overlook because you can’t get your brush into the right angle to clean it sufficiently.  These spots are most likely to be attacked by bacteria.

Over the course of a day, plaque (a sticky film of bacteria that turns into acid upon interaction with the sugary food you consume) starts building up on your teeth.  This plaque continues to grow and hardens into what is known as either tartar or calculus in the spots you cannot reach and is much more difficult to remove.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at brushing your teeth, there will always be some plaque you miss. This is why it is important to visit your dentist regularly for scale and polish appointments. These appointments remove plaque build-up and prevent more serious problems such as decay, cavities and eventually gum disease.

What happens in a scale and polish appointment?

Your dentist will use an electrically powered scaler to remove the hardest calculus from your teeth.  This tool has a fine tip at the end and vibrates at a high speed, whilst emitting a jet of water.  The combination of the vibrations of the sharp tip and the water help to scrape at your calculus.

After this, your dentist will use some manual hand tools to get into the harder to reach spots and remove the plaque and tartar build up there.  These particular tools come in various shapes and sizes to enable your dentist to remove as much as possible from your mouth.

After this scaling is completed, the next stage is the polishing.  To carry out the polishing, your dentist will use a special electric rotary toothbrush and some high-quality toothpaste to clean your teeth thoroughly.

The best way to stay on top of plaque build-up in your mouth and to prevent it from evolving and turning into calculus, is of course by visiting your dentist regularly.

The dentists at DentalHouse are more than happy to help you deal with troublesome plaque and help you to prevent dental pain and tooth-loss.

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